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  • 理念:堅持對自然規律給予極大的尊重和有效結合中醫養生理念。
  • 原則:創造專業純天然芳香產品,讓每個家庭遠離抗生素!
  • 品質:研發團隊親自實地考察,嚴選優質材料。產品由 GMP 及 ISO 資質認證監製。
  • 口號:純天然芳香產品,每個家庭都值得擁有!

Company background concept

Combining Eastern and Western traditional medicine and aromatherapy originating from ancient Egypt, a team of senior international Chinese medicine practitioners and professional aromatherapists, with years of clinical experience and treatment cases, develops traditional Chinese aromatherapy based on traditional Chinese and Western medicine and aromatherapy. therapy so that more people can understand and benefit from it.

The brand is established with the slogan “Pure natural aromatherapy products, every family deserves to have them.” It adheres to the respect for the laws of nature, and effectively combines aromatherapy derived from nature with the concept of traditional Chinese medicine health care. The principle of R&D and production of professional pure natural aromatherapy products allows every family to reduce the abuse of antibiotics and lead a healthy life.

Brand establishment

Professional Chinese medicine aromatherapy products, committed to following the “Su Wen Zhi Jie” of traditional Chinese medicine. The four Qi regulate the spirit. According to the Qi of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, they regulate the mind of the liver, heart, spleen, kidney and five internal organs. The Yin and Yang of the four seasons are the foundation of all things. also. Combining traditional Chinese medicine four-season health care with plant aromatherapy, it brings pure natural plant-based and effective aromatherapy products to outstanding and busy people. Through the child care concept of “Herbal Four Seasons Peace Cream” and meridian techniques, the magical energy of natural plants can be efficiently penetrated. Come to daily life diseases, keep the family away from antibiotics, and help parents take care of every member of the family easily!

Concept: Adhere to the great respect for the laws of nature and effectively combine the health care concepts of traditional Chinese medicine.

Principle: Create professional pure natural aromatic products to keep every family away from antibiotics!

Quality: The R&D team conducts on-site inspections and carefully selects high-quality materials. Products are produced under GMP and ISO qualification certification.

Slogan: Purely natural aromatic products, every family deserves to have them!

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