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AROMA CHANNEL網上商店和實體店均由AROMA CHANNEL運營; 為了維護個人隱私並支持個人數據保護,AROMA CHANNEL謹做出以下聲明,向您說明AROMA CHANNEL收集個人信息的目的、類別、範圍和方式,以及您的權利等事項; 如果您對AROMA CHANNEL網上商店的隱私聲明、以下相關通知、或涉及個人數據保護的相關事宜有任何疑問,您可以聯繫AROMA CHANNEL客戶服務中心,AROMA CHANNEL將盡快回复。 回复說明。


AROMA CHANNEL 隱私聲明及其包含的通知僅適用於 AROMA CHANNEL 擁有和經營的商店。 AROMA CHANNEL 網站可能包含許多鏈接,或其他合作夥伴和個別商店提供的商品或服務。 該等鏈接網站、合作夥伴網站或個別店舖網上商店的私隱聲明及個人資料保護相關通告,請參閱該等鏈接網站、合作夥伴網站或個別店舖網上商店。


AROMA CHANNEL旨在提供電子商務服務、售後服務、履行法律或合同義務、保護當事人及相關利益者的權益、營銷、客戶管理和服務、經營符合業務的業務登記事項或者公司章程。 ,根據每項服務的性質,它可能會收集您的姓名、聯繫信息(包括電話、E-MAIL、地址、性別和出生日期等)以及完成收款或付款所需的信息,但這些信息僅用於流量分析和網絡行為調查,以提高AROMA CHANNEL相關網站的服務質量,不會與特定個人產生關聯。


AROMA CHANNEL 收集的足以識別用戶身份的個人數據、消費和交易數據,或將來經您同意提供的其他個人數據,僅由 AROMA CHANNEL 在其內部按照以下目的進行處理和使用:收集、或為了完成提供服務或履行合同義務,或根據相關法律法規或有權機關的命令或要求,AROMA CHANNEL不會向第三方提供足以識別用戶身份的個人資料(包括國內和國外)。 ),或用於收集目的以外的用途。 AROMA CHANNEL將繼續存儲、處理和使用相關信息。 在收集目的範圍內,商店會將所收集的個人資料提供給合作廠商(包括但不限於SHOPLINE、順豐速運或其他提供此項服務的經營者),以協助完成或終止交易。 如果您選擇信用卡支付,則只能由信用卡持卡人使用,且交易信息必須報發卡行、收單機構和持卡人確認是否真實,然後支付流程將進行。審核通過後即可完成。


AROMA CHANNEL將採用符合行業標準的合理技術和程序來維護AROMA CHANNEL個人數據的安全。


數據主體可以請求訪問、訪問或複制其個人數據。 如果您的個人數據發生變更或發現不正確,您可以向AROMA CHANNEL請求修改或更正。 當收集個人數據的目的消失或期限屆滿時,您可以要求刪除、停止處理或使用個人數據。 但不限於 AROMA CHANNEL 履行職責或業務所必需的。


該服務安裝了 Google Analytics 廣告功能。 該功能僅用於提供AROMA CHANNEL分析廣告效果,優化使用流程。 如果您想禁用Google Analytics(分析)廣告功能,建議您可以參考Google提供的保密方法來禁用該服務。


AROMA CHANNEL 網上商店保留隨時修改本隱私聲明及相關通知的權利,並可能在 AROMA CHANNEL 網站上公佈修改後的隱私聲明,恕不另行通知。 您可以閱讀修訂後的隱私聲明及相關通知。

Regarding personal data protection, please read the following carefully

AROMA CHANNEL’s Privacy Statement

AROMA CHANNEL online stores and physical stores are operated by AROMA CHANNEL; in order to maintain personal privacy and support personal data protection, AROMA CHANNEL would like to make the following statement to explain to you the purpose, category, scope and method of personal information collected by AROMA CHANNEL, and Your rights and other matters; If you have any questions about the privacy statement of AROMA CHANNEL online store, the following related notices, or related matters related to personal data protection, you can contact the AROMA CHANNEL customer service center, and AROMA CHANNEL will respond as soon as possible. Reply instructions.

Scope of application

The AROMA CHANNEL Privacy Statement and the notices it contains apply only to stores owned and operated by AROMA CHANNEL. The AROMA CHANNEL website may contain many links, or the goods or services provided by other partners and individual stores. The privacy statement and personal data protection of these linked websites, partner websites or online stores of individual stores For relevant notices, please refer to the linked websites, partner websites or online stores of individual stores.

Purposes and categories of personal data collection

AROMA CHANNEL aims to provide e-commerce services, after-sales service, fulfill legal or contractual obligations, protect the rights and interests of the parties and relevant stakeholders, marketing, customer management and services, and operating businesses that are in line with the business registration items or the articles of association. , depending on the nature of each service, it may collect your name, contact information (including telephone, E-MAIL, address, gender and date of birth, etc.), and information required to complete collection or payment, but these information It is only for traffic analysis and network behavior investigation in order to improve the service quality of AROMA CHANNEL related websites, and will not be associated with specific individuals.

Use of personal data

The personal data, consumption and transaction data collected by AROMA CHANNEL that are sufficient to identify the user, or other personal data provided with your consent in the future, shall only be processed and utilized by AROMA CHANNEL within itself, in accordance with the purpose of collection, or In order to complete the provision of services or perform contractual obligations, or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations or the order or request of the competent authority, AROMA CHANNEL will not provide personal data sufficient to identify the user to a third party (including domestic and overseas). ), or for use other than for the purpose of collection. AROMA CHANNEL will continue to store, process and use the relevant information. Within the scope of the collection purpose, the store will provide the personal data collected to partner manufacturers (including but not limited to SHOPLINE, SF Express or other operators that provide this service) to assist in the completion or termination of the transaction. If you choose to pay by credit card, it can only be used by the credit card holder, and the transaction information must be reported to the issuing bank, the acquirer and the card holder to confirm whether it is true, and the payment process will be completed after verification.

Data security

AROMA CHANNEL will maintain the security of AROMA CHANNEL’s personal data with reasonable technology and procedures in line with industry standards.

Data subject rights

The data subject may request access to, access to, or a copy of his personal data. If your personal data is changed or found to be incorrect, you can request amendment or correction to AROMA CHANNEL. When the purpose of collecting personal data disappears or the period expires, you may request to delete, stop processing or use personal data. However, it is not limited to those necessary for the performance of duties or business of AROMA CHANNEL.

Google Analytics Advertising Features

The Service has Google Analytics Advertising Features installed. This function is only used to provide AROMA CHANNEL to analyze the effectiveness of advertising and optimize the use process. If you want to disable the Google Analytics (Analytics) advertising function, it is recommended that you can refer to the method of non-disclosure provided by Google to disable the service.

Right to amend

AROMA CHANNEL online store reserves the right to revise this privacy statement and related notices at any time, and may publish the revised privacy statement on the AROMA CHANNEL website without individual notice. You can read the revised privacy statement and related notices.

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