Eucalypt Balm ( COUGH ) 20g







Pure natural plant formula
Safe for adults and babies
International barcode: 4897068101642
Main ingredients: cold-pressed jojoba oil, eucalyptus essential oil, Melaleuca essential oil, myrtle essential oil.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Soothes bronchospasm, protects the respiratory tract, relieves cough.
Melaleuca essential oil: strengthens and stimulates the immune system, dissolves mucus, and fights viruses.
Myrtle Essential Oil: Anti-mucositis, soothes cough and sore throat, great for the respiratory system.
How to use: First take an appropriate amount and rub it in your hands to dissolve it. Rub it on the chest, the upper part of the midline of the back and the thumbs of both hands up and down quickly until the paste is completely absorbed. Take another appropriate amount and apply it to the throat. Recommendation 2 – Use every 3 hours until symptoms are relieved or healed.
*Please do a sensitivity test behind the ear before use*


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